The Low Down On Bed Sheets Exposed

Bed sheets are something that most people could care less about. Sure, they help to provide us with a good night’s rest; but most people typically disregard them. However, if they know the truth about their linen, they probably would be very concerned. Here is the low down on bed sheets reviews exposed. Once you find out the truth about your sheets – you might never sleep the same way again. 

Naked and Very Afraid

All people are usually naked when they have sex in bed. When people engage in sex on their mattress, they release various bodily fluids into their sheets. Semen, vaginal and anal secretions and even sweat is absorbed by their linen. While this seems disgusting it is just a reality of having sex. The “mess” from sex has to go somewhere and a person’s linen is where the “mess” usually goes.

People often masturbate (males and females) inside of their bed and this too will leave secretions. The semen, vaginal and anal fluids will remain in a person’s bed even after they clean their sheets. People should keep this in mind when they decide to lay down inside of someone else’s bed. Ultimately, all people will eventually get naked in their bed. You should be very scared from the thought of encountering their bodily fluids.

Sleep, Sheets and Bodily Fluids

The vast majority of people sleep in some type of clothing when they go to bed. Roughly 17% of all people sleep nude. Even though this is the case, nearly everyone releases some type of body fluid directly into their sheets. People who wear pajamas or underwear typically displace less fluid than people who sleep nude.

Kids are known to urinate when they sleep. This is a common thing for some children. Keep in mind that all kids will sooner or later release some type of waste material onto their mattress when they sleep. Also, if a child does not properly wipe their behinds after releasing fecal matter; that too can also get into their sheets. Yes, it is true that naked people typically release more fluid into their bed when they sleep; but that does not mean that pajama wearers are not doing the same.

The Low Down On Bed Sheets Exposed

Sweat Stains, Body Odor and your Linen

If a person does not like to wash up and clean themselves before they go to bed; they will place their body odor, dirt and sweat into their sheets. This is a known fact. A person who is dirty will transfer their dirt into the sheets. If they are sweaty, then their sweat will seep into the sheets. Their body odor will also smell up their sheets since the foul odor from their body is transferred into the material. Sweat stains and body odor will leave a nasty smell in a person’s bedroom if they do not take the time to clean their body.

Other Nasty Facts about Bed Sheets

When people are sick in bed, those germs will usually remain in bed with them. That’s right. If they have a cold, the flu or pneumonia; then those germs will be present during the course of their illness. People who have a temporary bodily condition such as diarrhea or allergies that cause a lot of sneezing; they will usually release these germs into their bed. If you encounter someone who is sick (unless they are your child or spouse); don’t get into bed with them.

Now that you discovered the truth about bed sheets, make sure that you wash your sheets and frequently change your mattress. Also, do not lay in a stranger’s (or even a friend’s) bed if you are unsure about their sleeping habits and sexual activity. Chances are you will be lying in some type of bodily fluid that came from one of their orifices. Disgusting? Maybe, but it is a fact of life. Now you have the low down on bed room sheets.

Playing Poker


Poker games can be played to win or for fun in which case playing to win requires both time and effort. There are certain tips that you need to help boost your performance when playing poker both for fun and to win. First, to best poker player, you should have a chip set worth talking about. Therefore, the first tip of playing poker is to go through chip reviews to know the best poker chip sets.

Tips in playing poker

Avoid playing too many hands
Keep in mind that playing more does not mean winning more but rather it increases your chances if losing. Therefore, the first mistake that you are supposed to avoid is playing too many hands.

Ensure you are in a high mood when playing
Avoid playing poker when you are depressed. Emotional playing often results in less performance, poor decisions and eventually loss of money. You should be having fun and not trying to run away from reality. Also, avoid tilting. If you happen to tilt, take a break from the game for some time until you cool down. Do not let your opponents take advantage of you. If you are in a bad mood, your fellow players will notice and use that to their advantage.

Pay Attention
Be present at the game. Pay close attention to the cards on the table. This will help you to notice flush and straight possibilities. You also need to pay attention to other players. Observing your opponents will assist you to learn their tactics and use them when playing against them. The more information you get from your opponent the better. Even when you are not in the hand, still pay attention to the game so as to understand how your opponents play.

Know the Rules
You cannot win poker if you do not know the basic rules of the game. Familiarize yourself with the rules before playing.

Avoid the high limits
As a beginner, do not play for too much money. This makes you vulnerable to your opponents. This is because players at higher limits tend to be better players than those at lower limits hence higher chances that you are going to lose.

Make wise decisions
Poker is an unpredictable game. Losing is part of it because even the best poker players in the world have lost at some point. You should therefore, avoid always expecting to win. Just concentrate on playing the best you can and the winning will come. You shoe also choose your position wisely. Having a good position in a hand can turn a losing hand into a winning one.

Avoid bluffing even when you do not have to bluff
You do not need to bluff to win. In fact bluffing is not very essential in poker as you may think. Bluffing is good sometimes but only when you know when to bluff. You can only know this from practice hence bluffing is not something for amateur poker players.


Pet Insurance: Everything A Pet Owner Should Know

Pet Insurance7Many people love pets. Their loyalty, companionship, affection and sometimes the random hilarious things they do, really what’s not to love? However, as a pet owner, you need to ensure that it is protected. Let’s face it, pets get into a lot of trouble and accidents. A health insurance for a pet is nothing new for dog owners who love their dogs especially. However, do you know the different covers hat exist?

The accident only pet insurance

This insurance covers pets in need of veterinary assistance after they have been involved in an accident. This only covers accidents and your pet will not benefit if It is ill. In some cases, there may be a limit to how long the treatment of the pet will last. This insurance cover pays a fixed amount each time an accident occurs.

The per condition with time cover

This is the cheapest cover available for pets. It will pay for both accidents and illnesses. However, the payment is done only for 12 months. There is a maximum amount of payment that can be given to the treatment of a pet above which the pet owner will have to pay the rest of the bill.
Per condition without limit

For a set fee limit, pet owners can have their pets treated for as long as is necessary. It covers all treatment until your cover is renewed after 12 months.


This is the most comprehensive cover for pets and also the most expensive. Most insurance will set a high amount per year and still need you to renew your policy every 12 months.

The type of cover you choose to take will depend on how much money you are willing to spend. Some pet owners find it better to compare prices from different insurers so that they can pay less. This is also a great way of finding out which insurers will stress you when it comes to claiming and who will be supportive.